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Chantal Kayij High Santellano

Chantal High-Santellano

Chantal High, the owner and founder of The Core Academy was born and raised in Berlin, Germany.  After she moved to the United States, she started dancing in high school at age 15.  Her love for dance grew and she started taking classes at a dance school. After extensive daily training, she started competing and, soon after teaching.  She later, started training and teaching hip hop. While teaching locally and in other cities, Chantal continued her dance education by taking classes from well kno

Elizabeth Fuller
Dylan Parton
Kelvin Green
Kaylen Knight
Karley Thorton
Nyra Williams
Selena Cuellar

Selena Cuellar

Lilly King
Amari Walker
Richard Beauchamp II

A Fayetteville native, Richard “Rubixx” Beauchamp has been dancing since the age of 14. His first memory of breakdancing—or “breakin’”, as it’s known by those within the culture—was at a middle school dance, and he was instantly captivated by this old school dance form. Shortly thereafter, Richard was introduced to influential members of a dance crew called Just Rock (JRC), and began his training under their instruction. Today, Rubixx prides himself on being the leader of JRC, and has participan

Chassidy Lee
Amber Little
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