Due to the Covid-19 virus, we have initiated temperature checks/symptoms screening at the door. All dancers, parents, and visitors must have a mask on when entering the building. Please call or email for any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you. #DanceStartsAtTheCore



 The Core Academy is an injury prevention dance studio, open to dancers and other athletes.  We are a no recital, 12-month dance studio that provides, physical therapy assessments, massage therapy, injury rehabilitation services, and monthly workshops.  


The mission of The Core Principals is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in a beyond the classroom dance experience while developing sportsmanship, character, and competitiveness.



"We would rather place last, working our hearts out than first barely trying."


“Dance Starts at the Core”


The Core Academy is an injury prevention dance studio, open to dancers and other athletes.  We are a no recital, 12-month dance studio that provides, physical therapy assessments, massage therapy, injury rehabilitation services, and monthly workshops.  We partner with local businesses to give back to our community.  We do not just teach injury prevention, but we also sell products to help prevent injuries.  We are the Fayetteville vendor for Apolla Socks.  


The Core Academy is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence while enjoying the journey.  We want all dancers to grow emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We are dedicated to providing a space where athletes can come train to become the strongest humans possible while preventing injuries at the same time.  The Core Academy promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, self-discovery, and appreciation through the love of dance.  We want to educate not only our dancers but also the community of the importance of a strong mind and body.  The Core Academy strives to teach our students the importance of giving back, volunteering and mentoring.  Human kindness is one of the Core values in family, in order to teach it, we must live it.   

The Core Academy has partnered with companies in the dance world and locally to provide the best dance education possible.  We believe in uplifting all dancers in a healthy drama-free atmosphere.


“Everyday we have the opportunity to change someone’s life,

how will you change someone’s life today?”


Our innovative patent pending Apolla Shocks® incorporate the power of sports science technology with the tradition of dance. Apolla knows what your feet crave and our products are beautifully designed to redefine your experience in the studio, on stage, and everywhere in between.

To foster an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.

PBT focuses on core stability, weight placement and alignment.



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Dylan Parton, of Raleigh, NC, started her dance training at North Carolina Dance Institute, under the direction of Kirstie Spadie for five years. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Contemporary Dance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, under Dean Susan Jaffe and Associate Dean Brenda

Daniels. At UNCSA, Dylan has had the privilege to perform works by Douglas Dunn, Martha Graham, José Limón, Ming-Lung Yang, Patricia Casey, Casey Noblett, Jessie Laurita-Spanglet, and Ranko Bogosavic. Dylan has attended summer programs at UNCSA, American Dance Festival, and North West Dance Project. Dylan just recently had the privilege to choreograph and performed a solo 'A reaction to Marsha Cottrell's Exhibition Black and Light' at CAM Raleigh.


Elizabeth Fuller began her early dance training with Brandon Ballet, The Rock School, and Sarasota Ballet of Florida. After high school, she attended CCM at the University of Cincinnati as a ballet major for her freshman year. She then left and danced professionally with Omaha Theater Ballet, Albano Ballet, and Atlanta Festival Ballet.  In between dancing for various companies, she lived in New York City, working in the marketing department of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and training with various teachers throughout the city at Ailey, Broadway Dance Center, Steps, etc. She has had the opportunity to perform with Wilmington Ballet Company, Carolina Ballet, City Ballet of San Diego, and Birmingham Ballet.  She has been teaching dance for 13+ years and has a Doctorate's in Physical Therapy.



Jackie Hoyt is a dancer who began her training as a competition dancer at The Turning Pointe School of Performing Arts in St. Clair Shores MI. She went on to further her dance education and received her BFA in Commercial Dance from Pace University in 2017 with a concentration in choreography and a minor in Arts and Entertainment Management. While attending Pace she was fortunate enough to work with choreographers such as: Mandy Moore, Jen Hamilton, Jess Hendricks, Joey Dowling, Andy Blankenbuler, Liana Blackburn, Dee Caspary and Martha Nichols.

After graduation she teamed up with RWS Production Company under the direction of Beth Crandall as a dancer/dance captain on the m/s Rotterdam with Holland America Cruise Line. Since then she has worked in theme parks, commercials, and live performances. In addition to performance experience Jackie has taught throughout her time performing, and also has worked in Arts Management at the Movement Talent Agency in LA. 


Tyler Bowling AKA Bboy T-Wrex, is seventeen years old and is from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Tyler has been dancing for seven years and teaching for four years. While he does hip hop, popping, and ball room, Tyler specializes in break dancing. He has performed in world dance, breaking convention and also performed for the USA dance national championships. Tyler is one of the only Bboys from North Carolina to place in a top 16 bracket for silverback open.



Cecily began competitively ballroom dancing in 2015 in Raleigh with NC State's Dancing With Wolves ballroom team.  She trains predominately in the categories of Balllroom International Latin and American Smooth, and is currently competing on the east coast as a Smooth novice/pre-champ dancer. In her downtime from ballroom she also trains and performs in traditional bellydance, and loves the salsa dancing community in Fayetteville and Raleigh. Her favorite part of dancing is working new movements until they become natural movements, and finding ways to create unique shapes and make new connections in her body through cross-training and practice. Outside of dance she is an NC State alumni, and currently works in clinical traumatic brain injury research. 


Lynnae was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was first introduced to hip hop at age 5 at Montclair Elementary School. At age 8, she started praise dancing at her church, and from ages 9-21 she trained professionally at Alpha and Omega Dance Academy. She currently trains at the Core Academy in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She loves to teach and watch her students grow, and she focuses on instilling confidence, musicality, and skill. Her dreams are to train and perform with Alvin Ailey American Theatre, and to be on Broadway! 

Military ties has made Tara Haynes a long time resident of Fayetteville. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Appalachian State University and has worked at the Ft Bragg Public Affairs Office as a Multimedia Specialist for two years. For the last 13 years, she has played an instrumental position in supporting the Global War on Terrorism at the Fort Bragg Solider Readiness Center as Personnel Lead and Scheduler. 


Tara's love of dance began at the age of 4 when she took her first ballet class while her family was stationed in Vicenza, Italy. Upon returning to the the United States, she branched out to tap, contemporary, and hip hop. She has trained, competed, and won with dance studios in the Fayetteville area. Tara was a founding member of Eclectic Souls Dance Team at Appalachian State University and an inaugural member the WCCG 104.5 Hot Girlz Dance Squad. Though she doesn't get to dance as much as she used to, her love of the art will always live on. 

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Kelvin, age 35, has been under the tutelage of Otto (Aquaboogy) Vazquez & Jessica (Goldie Lox) Wharton-Vazquez for the past 4 & a half years. He has been part of Nu Paradigm Entertainment for 3 of those years. Puzzall’s prime style is Popping, with a focus on the “funk” and Boogie Style. With several years of training in both Locking & Popping, and loads of credits, he is a rising star in Nu Paradigm Entertainment. 

When not dancing, Kelvin loves spending quality time with his family which consists of a beloved wife and daughter. When asked what was his favorite quote or bit of wisdom, he responded:

“My mom once told me you can do anything in this world as long as you can face the results and consequences. Meaning, if you do a crime, you might do the time. So always do things that are going to give you a positive result.”

And we agree wholeheartedly! Much love to Kelvin for his years of loyal dedication & hard work! It’s showing when the world can’t stop watching!

Nu Paradigm Entertainment

Kelvin has also been teaching popping classes/workshops since 2017 in North Carolina such as UNC Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Asheville...


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